StoneCut 3 Plus and StoneCut 3 Pro have been discontinued

The StoneCut family of software programs are customized versions of the CoCUT Pro software from EuroSystems. EuroSystems has chosen to no longer support development of private label software. As a result, the StoneCut family of software has been discontinued and will no longer be updated.

EuroSystem has created a cross-grade path to its CoCUT Pro 2021 software.              

SmartVector Pro, SmartCut Pro, StoneCut, StoneCut Plus, and StoneCut Pro users are eligible to upgrade to CoCUT Pro 2021. The CoCUT Pro 2021 software has updated cutting functionality, the latest cutter drivers, and has been updated for Windows 11. CoCUT Pro 2021 does not have rhinestone features, color vectorization, or text editing. The cost of the cross grade is $249 and is available at under CoCUT Pro and Upgrades. A full version is $599 and does not require a dongle. To upgrade, you will need to provide your serial or dongle number. 

What does this mean for me?

  • The StoneCut 3 Plus or Pro software will not be updated. Currently, StoneCut 3 Plus and StoneCut 3 Pro work with both the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Because the software will not be updated, at some point it may stop functioning properly due to Windows updates.
  • The current version of CoCUT Pro 2021 has been updated for CorelDRAW 2022 and Windows 11. This includes a full toolbar installed into CorelDRAW 2022. If you want to have a toolbar in CorelDRAW 2022 or future Corel versions, you will need to upgrade to CoCUT Pro. 
  • Smart Designer Pro owners on the subscription will continue to have access to a StoneCut 3 Plus or StoneCut 3 Pro toolbar in CorelDRAW 2018, 2019, 2020, and CorelDRAW 2021. A toolbar will not be available in CorelDRAW 2022 or future Corel versions. We have however created a shortcut that will transfer images from CorelDRAW 2022 to StoneCut 3 Plus or Pro. You also have the option to copy and paste or drag and drop to transfer images from CorelDRAW to StoneCut.
  • If you are running a version of StoneCut that is lower than version 3, and you wish to have compatibility with Windows 10 or 11, you will need to upgrade to CoCUT Pro 2021.
  • Technical support on StoneCut 3 Plus and Pro is being phased out. If you require continued technical support, we recommend that you upgrade to CoCUT Pro through EuroSystems. We will continue to provide download links and serial number retrieval.
  • We have extensive written documentation and training videos for the StoneCut family of products that we will continue to provide. This includes a Quick Start guide to assist you with configuring communication with your cutter. This is a simple process, and you can easily do this yourself.
  • If your software is still working properly, you are able to transfer graphics from CorelDRAW, you do not need to do anything. You would cross-grade to CoCUT Pro if you need continued technical support, want access to the full toolbar in CorelDRAW 2022 or future Corel versions, or if your software stops functioning properly after a Windows update.