Thumbnail Repair 2018/2017

To repair you thumbnail previews please follow the following steps.   

  1. Shut down CorelDRAW.     
  2. Open up your Control Panel on your computer.  
  3. Now open Default Programs (you many have to change your Veiw by in the upper right corner of the Control Panel to large icons to find it)  
  4. Select Associate a file type or protocol with a program  
  5. Now look for the following extensions in the list and make sure they are all set to be associated and will open with the proper CorelDRAW.    (.cdr, .cdt, .clk, .cmx, .csl, .pat)  
  6. Close out and reopen CorelDRAW.  
  7. open command center on right hand side and click on the Options Tab.   
  8. Select the Thumbnails/Cache tab  
  9. Click the Repair button and allow the repair windown to open.   
  10. Click the two boxes at the top of the repair window and click the Enable button. Allow the process to finish  
  11. Now click the Reset button and allow the process to finish.   
  12. Click Delete Local button and allow the process to finish 
  13. Click Delete Cache button and allow the process to finish 
  14. Click the Rebuild Cache button and allow the process to finish.  
  15. Click the Exit button  
  16. Now close all programs and reboot the computer.  
You should now be able to access and see your Clipart and Template Browser and see all the previews of the files. If are still unable to see previews please try the following steps
1.Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs (Uninstall a program for Windows vista and later)
2. Look for CorelDRAW Graphics - Windows Shell Extension and uninstall it. 
3. Restart PC
4. Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs
5. Look for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Click on uninstall/change
6. Click on Modify(should already be selected) - click Next 
7. Keep all programs checked - click Next
8. Check Utilities - Click on windows shell extension in dropdown - click Install now
9. Restart PC