Missing Stone Cut Toolbar-Stonecut Toolbar shows coffee cups-CoRun Plugin Issue

1. Close CorelDRAW and then open the Stone Cut 

2. Go to the help menu and click on Install AutoImporter Plugins 

3. When the window opens click the install button at the bottom(make sure your version of CorelDraw is checked) 

4. Click ok and close the Install AutoImporter Plugins windows and then close Stone cut 
Reset Workspace 
1. Hold down the F8 key on the keyboard. 
2. With the F8 key depressed, launch either CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT 
        The following message will appear: Are you sure you want to overwrite the workspace with the factory defaults? 
3. Click Yes and release the F8 key. 
Note: Some newer keyboards have an "F Lock" key (FN key in the lower left corner of laptops) that must be pressed first to activate the Function keys on the keyboard.