Add Device to Stone Cut

When opening stonecut go to 

Settings>>>Standard Settings>>>>Output Devices 
a window will pop up called "Setup-Output Devices"
to the right of the dropdown you should see three small dots "..."
click on that and then on "Add local device" 
Another window will pop up called "setup device"
on the dropdown menu find your cutter 
once you have selected your cutter 
select which method you are using to plug in your cutter  
if using USB/Firewire :
turn off or unplug any other cutters or printers connected to your computer 
then click on "USB/Firewire" then in the drop down menu find "USB Printing Support" 
Click OK, Then Apply and OK
if using COM(serial connection):
Select Com and in the drop down select "COM 1,2,3,4" (you can check which COM you are using by going to device manager,
if you see multiple options disconnect any other devices using a COM(serial) connection.  
Click on settings 
Change Flow control to Hardware
Click OK