CBU Failure

To resolve the issue with the CBU error. Please restart your computer, then update DRAWings;

head into your start menu and run Check for Updates in the DRAWings folder.  

Repeat this update process until none are available. Do the same for Wing's modular 6 (Pro only). 

Once the updates are done, restart and launch DRAWings, it will error out and show the CBU error again. 

Once you do this, on the bottom right in the task icon section (the icons next to your clock) you will see a key with an orange circle. (If you are unable to locate the key, follow this path C:\Program Files\DRAWStitch\DRAWings XI\ThirdParty and double click on "Softwarekey.exe")

Double click on this to open the activation window. In the window, put the numbers you have to activate. 

Once you have it activated you will be able to launch DRAWings normally.