Smart Designer Update 6 (20.19)

Smart Designer Update Version

This update can be installed over any prior SD and RD 2019 installations or updates as long as CorelDRAW is not running. No prior updates not need to be installed first.

Change Notes:

  • Fixed: Memory leak in Rhinestone Designer when user selected the
    Edit and Select tab.
  • Fixed: Vertical text was not working properly.
  • Fixed: The search icon was missing from the Command Center’s
    QuickClips feature.
  • Updated: Rhinestone Designer’s contouring features have been updated
    to work on multiple objects at once as well as support for contouring
  • Updated: The contour feature works on bitmaps and complex art.
  • New: Added the ability to create product blanks with masked areas
    that will change colors with the rest of the image. Video: