Installing Smart Designer/Rhinestone Designer 2019

  1. Ensure all programs including CorelDRAW and Eurosystems software are closed.          
  2. Download the program file.  (Press the Download button at Google drive web page.)      
  3. Double click the sdrd2019 EXE file to run it. This will install Smart Designer & Rhinestone Designer(if you do not own RD it will run on a 30 day trial) 
  4. Reboot the computer.         
  5. Reset workspace on opening the CorelDRAW(How to reset Coreldraw Defaults)

If you receive a Windows Defender Smart Screen error or warning from your anti-virus software during the installation, select More Info and Install Anyways. We are working with Microsoft to resolve this error message. The installation file will not harm your system, it is a precautionary message from Microsoft.     

After Installation , please activate smart designer :