Installing DRAWings

Download the ZIP files from the link provided to you in your Software Downloads email or from

Extract the ZIP file. (See Microsoft for further information on ZIPs. Article link:

Run the executable files to install. DRAWings8846.exe (Xpro) , Essentials_8851 (XEssentials) 

The following dialog will appear. On this screen you have to select the Yes option, in order to continue the installation.

The initial dialog of the installation will appear, from this point you must follow the wizard steps in order to proceed with DRAWings  installation. In this window you must click Next to proceed or Cancel to abort the installation.

The “License Agreement” dialog will appear. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT. If you agree with the terms of the license agreement click on the first radio button of the window (I accept the terms in the license agreement) and then click Next, if you don’t agree with the terms you can click Cancel to abort installation.

The Installation Folder dialog will appear. By clicking on the Browse button you can select another directory to install DRAWings or keep the current one that is shown in the dialog. Click Next to proceed.

At the next dialog you can select which software components you want to be installed. By default all components will be installed, click on any item to see its description and deselect any of the components that you wish not to install. When you are done click on Next to proceed.

The File name association dialog will appear where you have to select File types you want the software to open when you double click on a supported embroidery type. Select if you want to open only .DRAW files or if you want to open All files and click Next .

The Ready to Install dialog will appear. This dialog informs that installation is ready to start. If you want to review or change any of your installation settings, you have to go back, by clicking Back, and make the changes. In case you want to cancel the installation in any of the installation steps press the cancel button. Click Install to proceed to the installation process. During the installation you can click the Show details button to view details about the installation procedure.

The installation process will try to install in the background some Cutter driver files. This is useful when you want to directly connect any of the supported Cutters. While this installation takes part you may see a warning message like in the following figure. If you want to be able to connect to any of the supported Cutter machines without any later driver installation you must press “Install this driver anyway” in order to install the driver.

Once you have DRAWings installed in your computer, DRAWings will update the program . Click Next.

Click Update, Drawings will now begin downloading the update.

You can click the Show details button to view details about the installation procedure

Click on Finish to complete the install of Drawings

To Activate DRAWings: